Sunday, May 20, 2012

Music of the night (with Amber Sun)

Lyrics and Spoken Words: Amber Sun
Music by Vicente Bueso.

When twilight sets upon the trees- And stars come out one by one - All dressed in shadows, you come over- The night is whispering her song. //////// I hear the music of the trees - They murmur as we’re passing by - The sound is mellow and so pure - The magic music of the night. //////// The darkness set upon the earth - Deep shadows all around us - Yet I, before I leave this place - Breathe in your music only once //////// Your music swells within my soul - With joy and sorrow, life and dreams - Don’t make a sound, simply listen: The time stands still, or so it seems./////// When dawn has come upon the trees, - And stars go out one by one - All dressed in light you go your way. - The day has come, I’m on my own.

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