Saturday, December 15, 2012

Project #3 - Quiet City

Project #3 - Quiet City by Science Teheran

Written and performed by Davide Costa, Peter Vorländer and Vicente Bueso.

A few months ago, Davide Costa, a prolific and wonderful musician, sent Peter Vorländer and myself a musical base for us to collaborate together. So was born Project # 3. From the brilliant idea of ​​a musician who is a musical architect. There is a story behind this collaboration. Peter was traveling around the world and Davide around Europe. And I was going through a phase of musical anguish. We each put their bit in this track and finally, once the piece was ready, Davide finished doing a fantastic remastering. "Quiet City" is a track about loneliness, beauty and despair. Our three moods in recent times.

I am very proud to have met Peter and Davide. Both have taught me to make my music better. Both have treated me with an exquisite humanity. Both are excellent people. And I love them both.

And of course, there will be more Project # 3 music. Because I will always be with them at their side. Because there will always be for us a passion for music.

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